Private Lessons:

I'm available to provide private lessons on your boat, or I can provide a boat, of whatever size is necessary for the training you are interested in.  Private rate is $350/day. $200/half day

Groups Lessons: 

I can match you up with someone similar to you for group lessons.  Group rates are listed below.

Typical lessons for sailing follow the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) program, which has been nearly identically duplicated in the US through the American Sailing Association [ASA], US Sailing, and the US Navy sail training program.

  1. Basic Keelboat
  2. Basic Cruising
  3. Bareboat Charter
  4. Coastal Navigation
  5. Coastal Passagemaking
  6. Ocean Passagemaking

Specialized Training

  • Spinnaker Sailing
  • Docking
  • Anchoring
  • Seamanship

Dinghy Sailing [Sunfish]:  Provides the best training for instinctive sailing skills.  Highly recommended for those people who want to be rated among the best of sailors. 

Class Size:  1-3 people, 1 boat per stunden, 2-day course $500/person, 4 day course (2 weekends), or 5 day (weekday only--extra day free), $900/person.  Be prepared to get wet.  Swimsuit wear is required.  Lifejacket's provided.  Classes generally offered when the water is warm.

Keelboat Training [Etchells]:  This is the sailboat used by the best keelboat sailors in the world.  Nearly every top racing sailor, actively races in this class.  This platform is chosen because it offers the full suite of sail shaping controls, and the challenging Symetric Spinnaker sail--for downwind sailing.  Lifejacket provided. Cost includes book(s).

Three classes.  Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, and Spinnaker Sailing
Class Size: 2-3 people, 2 weekends (4 days), or 5 consecutive weekdays, $900/person.   Pay in advance for Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising, and take 10% off the cost of the second course.  Pay in advance for all three courses and take 20% off the third course.

Big Boat Training [Variety of boats between 32' and 48']:  Big boat sailing is done on boats of a class that is large enough to live on for a week or more.  Such classes are taught in coastal New England, in the US , Spanish, and British Virgin Islands, or on the ocean between New England, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.  Emphasis is on navigation, watch-keeping skills, and cruise planning. Lifejacket provided.  Cost includes book.

3-4 people per class.  Cost is $1500/person.  [Price does not include airfare for transfers. Price subject to change]

Advanced Training:

Do you want to be a top sailor without any holes in your knowledge?  Most sailors have knowledge like Swiss Cheese--with lots of holes.  I'll make you like American Cheese--no holes.

Unlike other sail training facilities, I provide comprehensive advanced training for those individuals who seek to master the art of sailing.  Tailored programs can be developed to suit your needs and the type of sailing you intend to do.  Any training will be beneficial, however, a custom plan, based on many years of experience, will provide the best opportunity for you to properly and safely prepare for their sailing adventures.