Yacht Delivery Costs:

Coastal Deliveries: My rate is $350/day flat fee, plus all travel expenses--food while traveling and during the delivery, and all travel expenses.  Typically these are one to two day deliveries.

Short Ocean Passages:  My flat rate is $450/day.  Typically these are 3-4 day deliveries.  These are actually the most difficult passages because:

1)  the human body does not have time to adapt to watch-standing, this more demanding physically,

2) there are much greater perils close to shore--including shoals, merchant shipping, and the dreaded lee shore, and

3)  because the vessel is out of VHF range of immediate land based support. 

Long Ocean Passages:  My flat rate is $400/day.  Discounts for repeat customers. Typically these are passages of 5-15 days.  Farther offshore, one has time to adapt to watch schedules, there are fewer dangers from shipping and, of course the water is so deep there are not reefs.  This makes the work a bit less arduous. 

Weather Delay Rates:  I am not responsible for delays caused by weather.  Additional daily rate charges will apply and be paid by the yacht owner at the rate of $300/day for any days spent in port. 

Repair Labor Charges:  If I have to do any repair work to the boat, I reserve the right to bill whatever I feel is appropriate, typically marina  wage rates--$75/hour, for any work performed.  Hazardous labor such as dive work, mast climbing will be billed at $200/hour.  Work that that could be considered salvage shall be billed at whatever rate I feel is appropriate.

Travel Rate:  My rate for travel to and from the pickup and drop off point is $300/day.

Details:  1/2 of the estimated costs are paid during the time of booking.  Also boat expenses such as dockage fees, mooring fees, and fuel.  Daily rate applies to weather delays.  The estimated daily fee plus an estimate of the expenses must be paid prior to the boat being moved.  Any balance due will be paid within one week of the completion of the delivery.  A $50 late charge becomes effective for any charges more than 1 week late.  An interest rate of 1.5% per month will apply to the entire amount owed beginning on that date.  A mechanic's lien will be placed on the vessel if not paid within 1 month.

Support Crew:  I can provide additional crew, if available, at no labor cost, however, the owner is responsible to provide food and travel expenses for any additional crew.  I reserve the right to decide how many crew are required for each delivery, based on the type of boat, nature of the voyage, and availability of navigational equipment such as an auto-pilot and wind vane steering.

Owner responsibilities:

  • Provide signed contract for work to be performed.
  • Have your boat gone over by a certified mechanic, making sure that all water strainers have been cleaned and repaired, fuel filters, water filters, air filters cleaned or replaced.
  • The boat must be filled with fuel--topped off, and the amount of fuel on board and the yachts estimated range under power must be provided.
  • All electronics are to be in working order. (Captain will bring a portable GPS chartplotter)
  • Depth Gauge must be working!
  • All engine fluid levels topped off.
  • All belts properly adjusted. 
  • All safety equipment must be aboard and serviceable.
  • Water tanks must be filled.
  • Holding tanks must be pumped out and empty.
  • Proof of insurance, including Sea-Tow (towing) insurance, and yacht registration must be on board and current.  Insurance must cover Captain and any crew.
  • An operable VHF radio must be on board. (Can be provided by the Captain--two are preferred)

For Ocean Deliveries: 

  • Liferaft able to carry the entire crew with current recertification must be provided.  For shorter distance deliveries, an inflatable dinghy is acceptable. 
  • Abandon ship bag with extra water, spare flares, EPIRB, and SatPhone must be provided or rented for use on the voyage. 

Safety Gear:  I can provide some safety gear, if necessary for the voyage.  Any additional cost associated with moving this gear will be paid by the owner.  For example, excess baggage cost for air travel, tips for baggage handlers, etc.  Any time delays that occur because of the need to carry excess gear will effect the daily rate. 


The boat will not be moved if it is not considered seaworthy.  Failure to provide safety equipment, current registration, and insurance, would classify the yacht as not seaworthy.  The Captain reserves the right to cancel the delivery if he deems the vessel to be unsafe for the voyage planned.  Any funds paid will be returned, less travel expenses and daily labor rate for days of service.

I would not take this one to sea!