Other Services:

Yacht Repair:

I am licensed to service marine electronics and radar.  I specialize in electronics installation such as navigation systems, radar and radio installation and tuning, circuit breaker panels, charging systems, lighting, and sensors. 

I'm also experienced with fiberglass fabrication and repair.  Contact me with your needs for a quote.

Video Yacht Inspections:

I photograph everything when I work to document the condition that I find a  boat and the condition that I leave it.  Sometimes I'll video record this information.  As a service, when I perform a survey, I video record my findings which is included along with a report on the vessel.

Buyers Agent:

Thinking about buying a boat?  The majority of yacht purchaser buy without researching their purchase and are unhappy with what they have.  Don't make that mistake.  Consult with me, prior to making a huge purchase. Avoid making that big mistake.  Be sure you get a boat that will give you years of pleasure, not years of terror!


If your loved one was cremated and you would like a burial-at-sea, I provide a vessel for a half day trip, to a pleasant location.  Also included is a chart with a record of where you loved one's remains are deposited.  Food, drinks, and flowers can be provided for an additional charge or you can bring your own.  Cost Inquire (varies depending on location)